Anne Nygren Doherty 2020


Anne Nygren Doherty

Writer   Lyricist   Artist

The goal of my work is to uplift and inspire others to live take journey of transcendence.


My most valuable asset is self awareness. I see the beautiful in the tragic. But I also see the humor. 

Primarily, I’ve worked as a writer, story analyst and teacher. But there was a time I made a living by acting. From Chicago originally, I've lived a lot of cool places: New York, London, LA, San Francisco and now Santa Fe, NM. My husband and I have two children, now grown.


Shortly after moving to San Francisco, we opened a theater to develop original musicals. Our biggest hit was Absolutely San Francisco, which played 145 performances.  


I'm also a water color artist, Reiki healer and Kundalini Yoga instructor. 


"The only way to have a friend is to be one" -- Emerson


1000 Cordova Place, #519

Santa Fe, NM 87505

Tel: 415-385-7293