Anne Nygren Doherty

Watercolor and Theatre artist

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The goal of all my work is to uplift and inspire others to live life as a journey to transcendence.

I see the beautiful in the tragic. But I also see the humor. 

Surrounded by art, music, and culture as a child, I spent most of my early years indulging in one form of creative expression after another - drawing, playing and listening to music, dancing, reading literature every day. At 14, I began writing music and lyrics. My first professional acting job was at age 19. At 26, I attained masters in writing. I founded my own theater - New Musical Theater of San Francisco  - at 48.  Developing musical theater combined all my skills and talents, which made me happy indeed. My journey back to fine art happened in 2013 after a tourist ran a red light in front of my theater and I sustained a concussion on the left side of my brain lasting 8 months. During the healing, I could do very little - except draw and paint. I discovered that the key to watercolor was feeling the washes and anticipating the effects. 

I'm currently on the board of the Eldorado Arts and Crafts Association in Santa Fe, NM, where I live with my husband.  I'm also a Reiki healer, licensed hypnotherapist, and Kundalini Yoga instructor. 

Japanese Maple
White Inspiration 2
Anne on the Cable Car
MWA reading NYC 5/18
Rehearsal for Goldrush 2.0
Cast photo for CHANCE
Cover of Chicago Magazine
MWA reading #2, 12/18
Happy 30th Anniversary
Another UK jaunt
Me and my girl
Most thankful Thanksgiving ever! From our little family
Trevor and me
Fabulous hat
At the Grand Canyon

"The only way to have a friend is to be one" -- Emerson


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