I learned to draw when I was a child. But after a car accident in 2013, induced a nasty concussion, I suddenly understood watercolor. I do florals and landscapes.  I'm increasingly interested in capturing beauty that erupts from pain: flowers surrounded by thorns; harsh but beautiful vistas.

White Inspiration 3
Peace Among Thorns
White Inspiration 2
White Inspiration
Mono Lake Before Me
Pescadero at My Feet
ElDorado Clouds
Baking Bread in Winter
Think Pink
Hard Red Design
Mesa, My Heart
Calm among Color
Hot Love
Joy at the Window Sill
Battle Betwixt Warm and Cool
Study in studying
Trumpeting Spring from a Vase
Simple Gift
Why Keep Joy in the Bath?
Beauty Erupts
Blissful Autumn
Hiding in the Shade
Spreading Peace
Life and Death
Docked for the Night
Ready for the Day
The Lighthouse
The Town Time Forgot
Mail's In
Golden Gate 1
Golden Gate 1