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Original Music 

I started writing music at 14.  To hear lyrics I've written for other composers, go to Plays and Musicals

From SHOW ME YOURS - Songs of Innocence and Experience

A Musical Revue about Love and Sex in Today's World

I Googled It

5 people explore how Googling affects Romantic Love

Would You Still Love Me?

A young couple, post sex, confessed love for the first time only to reflect upon their readiness for lifelong commitment.

A musical drama-dy, set in prohibition Chicago, in which a gangster on the lamb and awaiting his lover, holds hostage a girl-singer and a WWI veteran turned egg-head composer.  As thoughtful as it is funny, the show follows 6 characters in search of meaning in a cruel unpredictable world.

Angels Watching Over Me

Violet the girl singer shares her idealist views with cynical composer/veteran John.


In the face of death at the hands of the gangster, the minister, a western man who has suppressed his homosexuality for his church, accepts his nature. 

Before Today
When Love Lies Down Next to You

Violet reveals that her perky optimism hides her wounds from childhood abuse. 


The Gangster and The Composer vie for Violet and the path each thinks good and right. 

Six typical San Franciscans take a cable car ride and get lost in a life changing fog.  With  Arrangements by Trevor Doherty
Absolutely San Francisco

The opening song introduces us to homeless Sunshine and her take on her beloved city.

Hippie-billionaire "Davo" reveals that he has never found anyone as groovy as his first love from the 60's.

Chinese immigrant "Grace" reveals that her souvenir store at Fisherman's Wharf (where she sells "junk") exists to raise her only son and give him everything she never had.

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