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The House on Twin Peaks

The first house ever on Twin Peaks

Was built by an old friend’s grandpa.

With a mule’s help, he hauled the wood.

With his own hands, he sawed and planed.

With a shot gun, he killed deer to eat.

A bubbling spring quenched his thirst

And bathed his weary head and hands.

The best view in the city has this house,

Even today. A cupola was added later

To give advantage over the crowd

Of newer, chic-er domiciles

That crowded out the deer and

Covered over the spring.

From that perch the ocean shines,

The forest hums and in the distance north

The mountains glow gold all summer long,

While the fog rolls and the blue Bay ebbs and flows.

Long ago the man passed; but at the time

The Chronicle chronicled this pioneer.

A framed news photo still hangs in his house:

A bearded bohemian hangs from rough hewn rafters,

By his knees, while playing the violin.

The best view in the world

Is best seen upside down.

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